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 signs of AIRSOFT addiction

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signs of AIRSOFT addiction Empty
PostSubject: signs of AIRSOFT addiction   signs of AIRSOFT addiction Icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 10:23 am

Signs of Airsoft Addiction
* you play counterstrike to get a "feel" of the gun that you're planning to

* you watch cop/war movies to learn new "tactics"

* while walking down the park, you stay away from bushes in fear of getting ambushed.

* whenever you see a soda can... You instantly think of the word "chrono"

* you kick open the doors of all the cubicles in a public bathroom before
using one yourself

* you start to see the good side of shooting mammals in the head

* as you enter the mall with your girlfriend, you rush-in and say "cover

* you don't spend too much money on clothes/food/entertainment because
you're saving-up for this months "upgrade"

* when you walk on the street, you watch the roof of a building looking for

* whenever you see the word "air" you think of airsoft

* you watch CNN when they talk about a terrorist hi-jacking a plane you
suddenly tell yourself... "hey, we can play that scenario next time!"

* You can’t help pretending to be a sniper when crouched, tying your laces

* Instead of jacking off to porn you jack off to pics of AEGs!

* You spend more time talking with friends about Airsoft than doing
work....... at work!

* You hear steps in your house, you automatically fall out of your chair,
roll into corner and sit there waiting...

* At a family event you find your self only talking about Airsoft and sweet
kills you had

* The schoolbell rings and you're expecting someone to yell "game over!"

* You don't got get drunk or smoke weed anymore just because u need a clear head to get to the flag faster

* You no longer respond to your name, just your callsign

* Your windows wallpaper is a close-up of an AEG

* When you pee, you try to create a 3-round burst flow.

* You always address people with "sir + (name)" or "ma'am + (name)"

* You argue with a store salesman when you bought a DVD camera, you kept insisting that FPS on the box is NOT Frames Per Second!
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signs of AIRSOFT addiction
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