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PostSubject: UPGRADE - TECHNICAL REFERENCE - by Spetsnaz   UPGRADE - TECHNICAL REFERENCE - by Spetsnaz Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2008 12:39 pm

by Spetsnaz

Welcome to FAS [Tech n' Maint Forum] Posted here are collection of technical information from previous forum threads (FAS/AGL) and general facts from experienced veteran gunsmiths and players: Thank you!

DISASSEMBLY: Step by step guide on disassembling TM Gearboxes at airsoftguns.com
Click Here for TM Version 2 Gearbox Disassembly Guide
Click Here for TM Version 3 Gearbox Disassembly Guide

Click Here for TM M16 Series Gun Disassembly Pic Guide

**parts graphic reference at http://filairsoft.com/airsoft106.htm

SPRINGS: (Approx. Settled Spring FPS on .20gBB)
Stock Gun (brand new gun) = 270-290 FPS
CQB Gun: M100 / SP100 / PDI120% = 330-350 FPS << FAP CQB Standard
Standard Field Gun: M120 / SP120 / PDI170% = 390-410 FPS [.20gBB stable] << COMMON UPGRADE
Std High Field Gun 1: M130 / SP130 / PDI190% / PDI210% = 440-460 FPS [.20gBBmin .23gBB stable]
Std High Field Gun 2: M140 / SP140 / PDI240% = 470-490 FPS [.23gBBmin .25gBB stable]
Sniper Field Gun 1: M150 / SP150 / PDI270% = 510-530FPS [.28gBB stable] << FAP Sniper Standard
Sniper Field Gun 2: M160 / SP160 = 550-580FPS [.30g/.36gBB sweet-stable] << rat buster
Sniper Field Gun 3: M170 / SP170 = 580-600+ FPS [.36g/.43gBB sweet-stable] << cat buster
Spring Power Chart http://filairsoft.com/airsoft103.htm
BB goes wild = BB too light -- BB range seems near = BB too heavy

GEARS: (Does NOT affect Gun FPS, only ROF)
Infinite=(1) Ultra=(2) SuperTorqueUp=(3) TorqueUp=(4) StockRatio=(5) FastGear=(6)
>> Numbers indicate "car-gear-shift". *Small batts (non Sub-C) DOWNSHIFT to next LOWER gear. <<
Common Gear-to-Spring Setup for Big Batt (engine) (Sub-C):
Fast Gears (6) - UP TO M100 / SP100 / PDI120%
Stock Gears (5) can 'safely' handle up to M130, SP130, PDI190% <<<< on 9.6v 1700mAh(min)
Torque Up Gears (4) - M130 / SP130 / PDI190%-210% or LOWER
Torque Up Gears OR Super Torque Up (4/3) - M140 / SP140 / PDI240%
Ultra Torque Up Gears (2) - M150 / SP150 / PDI270%
Ultra or Infinite Gears (2/1) - M160 / SP160 << Needs minor machining to fit on Ver.2 GearBox
Infinite Torque Up Gears (1) - M170 / SP170 << Needs minor machining to fit on Ver.2 GearBox
*Some Gear set won't fit on some reinforced Gearbox-CHECK first before you get one.
*No known machining on stock ver.3 GearBox to fit any gear set.
*AVOID using Bearing Bushings on M120 above. only for soft springs

M130 / SP130 / PDI190%-PDI210% on STOCK Gears will last Approx. 5-10 months (depends on use)
Stock Gears - Low Cost, nice ROF. will not last long. (cast alloy)
Flat Gears - Noisier, Cheaper. More durable (steel)
Helical Gears - Silent. Expensive. shimming sensitive (steel) <
BATTERY: (Does NOT affect Gun FPS, only ROF and Rounds of fire)
Voltage = Rate of Fire (ROF) mAh = BB-Rounds (Power/Stamina)
BIG INTERNAL Standard Battery Size [Ni-CAD]:
M4A1 - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) V-Type 12v 1700mAh(max)
M4A1 Patriot - 12v 1700mah (Fat-long AA) Circular config
G36C - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA)
M733 - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA) Chako-Type 12v 1700mAh(max)
AK 47/Spetz - 10.4 2400mAh (Sub-C) 12v(max)
M16A1/A2/VN/SR16 - 9.6v 2400mAh (Sub-C) 13.2v(max)
CAR15 - 8.4v 600mAh (Small) 1500mAh (max) (Fat AA) 2-separates
P90 - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) J-Type
G3A3,G3SG1,MP5A4,MP5SD5 - 9.6v 2400mAh (Sub-C) Straight
MP5SD6 - 9.6v 1500mAh (Fat AA) V-type
MP5A5 - 9.6v 1100mAh (Slim) Chako-Type << (?)
Steyr AUG - 9.6v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA) Box-Type
PSG-1 10.8v 1500mAh (Fat AA) 13.2v(max)
M16 Dummy/Ready MAG - 9pcs 10.8v 1700mAh (Fat-long AA)
AN/PEQ 2 Dummy Laser Box - 9.6v 1700mAh (w/laser) 12v 1700mAh(max)

Approx. Battery-to-Rounds Capacity: [NiCd] (on M120 Stock Gears, EG1000)
9.6v 600mAh = <500 rounds (Small) Sanyo KR600AE 9.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1100mAh = 1,000 rounds (Slim) Sanyo KR1100AAU 19mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1500mAh = 1,400 rounds (Fat AA) Sanyo KR1500AUL 16mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 1700mAh = 1,800 rounds (Fat-long AA) Sanyo KR1700AU 17mOhm Int. Resistance
9.6v 1900mAh = 2,400 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo N-1900SCR 4mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 2000mAh = 2,600 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo KR-CH 6.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 2400mAh = 3,100 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo CP-2400SCR 4.5mOhm Internal Resistance
9.6v 3000mAh = 3,800 rounds (Sub-C) Sanyo HR-SCU [Ni-MH] 5.3mOhm Internal Resistance
*can someone confirm this rounds guesstimation--
BEST BUY: 9.6v 1700mAh(small-type) 9.6v 2400mAh(large-type)

Approx. CHARGING Time on 1000mAh Output Charger:
600mAh = 36mins(min) 42mins(std) 48mins(max)
1100mAh = 1hr 6mins(min) 1hr 19mins(std) 1hr 30mins(max)
1500mAh = 1hr 20mins(min) 1hr 48mins(std) 2hrs 7mins(max)
1700mAh = 1hr 42mins(min) 2hrs(standard) 2hrs 24mins(max)
1900mAh = 1hr 53mins(min) 2hrs 18mins(std) 2hrs 43mins(max)
2000mAh = 2hours(minimum) 2hrs 24mins(std) 2hrs 48mins(max)
2400mAh = 2hrs 23mins(min) 2hrs 54mins(std) 3hrs24mins(max)
3000mAh = 3hours(min) 3hrs 37mins(std) 4hrs 13mins(max)
*Charger should be 1 to 3 volts higher voltage than total battery voltage
Go over to http://digibattery.com/ for more battery-charging-time calculations
DISCHARGING: Number of batteries in a Pack = Max discharge volts.
(ex. 9.6v = 8cells in a pack = 8.0v is the maximum discharged voltage)

PISTON: Depends on your spring and trigger abuse.
M140 Above = Aluminum Piston (for ratatat players)
. Choice1: ICS Aluminum Piston
. Choice2: Systema Aluminum Piston
*if compatible, get the half-tooth to lessen the weight
M140 Below = Polycarbonate Piston
. Choice1: Guarder Polycarb Piston (blue)
. Choice2: Tokyo Marui Stock Piston (white) <-- polycarbonate too
. Choice3: Systema Polycarb Piston (black) << brittle bad choice
AVOID the RED PISTON-Systema Polycarb (defective) there's a newer version
*have'nt tried the TGS(blue) nor the TOP yet, but it looks promising <-- pls review
*some use polycarbs on m140 above but with trigger care

CYLINDER: (cylinderVolume-to-barrel-ratio) 2 is to 1 (standard)
Marui Stock Cylinders:
1. Closed Cylinder = 27.1cc 450mm(min) 580mm(max) barrel length
2. XM Cylinder = "4/5 hole" = 364mm(min) 460mm(max) barrel length
3. M4 Cylinder = "3/4 hole" aka Type-2 17cc - 229mm(min) 430mm(max) barrel length
4. MP5K Cylinder = "mid hole" 9cc 110mm(min) 170mm(max) barrel length

Systema NB Standard and BoreUp Parts:
1. Type-0 Cylinder (closed) fits M16-A1,VN,A2,G3-A4,SG1,SIG550,AUG
2. Type-1 Cylinder (tip hole) for XM177, M4, AK47, AK47S, SIG551
3. Type-2 Cylinder (XM hole) for MP5-A4,A5,SD5,SD6, MC51,SIG552
4. Type-3 Cylinder (M4 "3/4" hole) for MP5 PDW
5. Type-4 Cylinder (MP5K mid hole) for MP5K
*BoreUp Closed 29.4cc = 500mm(min) 600mm(max) barrel length

KM Cylinder Parts:
*Intercept Cylinder 59 barrel length from 450mm to 590mm (Type 0)
*Intercept Cylinder 45 barrel length from 250mm to 450mm (Type 2)
*Intercept Cylinder 25 barrel length from 100mm to 250mm (Mid-hole)

*To avoid confusion, don't mix brand model names, just model equivalence
*TM M733 by stock is closed cylinder (Type 0) -over ratio

RATIO Guide: Standard-Efficient Ratio is 1.5 is to 1
2-2.5 : 1 for springs up to M130 --- 2.5-3.0 : 1 for strong springs M140 -> UP

BARREL: (inner barrel length)
650mm/25.59in PSG-1 (extended)
595mm/23.42in APS2 OR
589mm/23.18in PSG-1
550mm/21.65in M16A1/VN/A2,AUG (extended)
534mm/21.02in Sig550
509mm/20.03in M16A1/VN/A2,AUG
472mm/18.58in Famas SV/F1
469mm/18.46in G3-A3/A4,SG1
455mm/17.91in AK47,AK47s
444mm/17.48in M60
407mm/16.02in M4A1 M653E2 (extended)
395mm/15.55in APS2 SV
369mm/14.52in HK51
363mm/14.29in M4A1,RIS,SR-16,XM177ED,Sig551
300mm/11.81in M1A1,AKBetaSpetz, M733
285mm/11.22in MC51
247mm/9.72in Car15,P90,G36C, SIG552
245mm/9.64in UZI - 400mm/15.74in (extended)
229mm/9.01in MP5A5/A4/SD5/SD6
170mm/6.69in MP5K-PDW (extended)
141mm/5.55in MP5K-PDW
110mm/4.33in MP5K

TM EG560 (famas)
TM EG700 (need more spec info)
TM EG1000 27,552rpm 1,407.00G.cm Torque
Systema "Genuine" 29,825rpm 1,6999.83G.cm Torque
Systema "Hi-Speed" 37,400rpm 1,915.99G.cm Torque
Systema "Hi-Torque" 32,302rpm 1,932.49G.cm Torque
Systema "Super Hi-Torque" 34,787rpm 1,998.47G.cm Torque
Eagle Force Hummer 1100 (high-speed)
Eagle Force Hummer 1300 (super-high-speed)

GAS: (for gas guns/pistols)
Freon12/Flon12 (94psi) = HFC134a (97psi) a.k.a. Green Gas
Freon22/Flon22 (140psi) a.k.a. TOP Gas, Taiwanese Green Gas,Omega Gas,ToyJack Gas
RED Gas = a bit higher pressure (?) than TOP Gas
BLACK Gas = highest pressure for airsoft *pressures on 30C / 86F manila temp. / gas expansion speed differs from each type of gas


- FilipinoAirsoft Technical Forum -
- Tech Reference revision 8.1 -
- © by skipperooo! 2002 -
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*Copied from old FAS
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