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 Single Strike Deathblows

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Single Strike Deathblows Empty
PostSubject: Single Strike Deathblows   Single Strike Deathblows Icon_minitimeSat Nov 01, 2008 3:48 pm

Single Strike Deathblows

A single strike with the empty hand delivered to certain points of the body can cause immediate death or lingering death. We will discuss the types of strikes used to deliver deathblows to specific points of the body.


The elbow is used to strike to your rear. Extend your arm in front of your chest, then drive your elbow backwards into the solar plexus is located above your stomach just below the ribcage. The solar plexus controls two major systems of the body. A forceful blow to the solar plexus can cause death.

Heel of palm:

The heel of the palm can be used to strike up under the chin, forcing the head to snap back breaking the neck causing death. The strike is delivered while close to your opponent. The strike travels only about eight inches. Hold your open hand close to your side between your waist and shoulders. Bend your legs slightly and drive the heel of your palm under the chin. The heel of the palm can also be used in a similar manor to strike the base of the nose, which drives the tough cartilage and bones of the nose back into the brain, causing death.

Edge of the fist, also called hammer fist:

The striking area of the hammer fist is the little finger side of the clenched fist. The hammer fist can be used to strike the temple. The temple is located in front of, and above the ears. The cranium is composed of six major bones. Three of the bones are joined at the temple, which makes this area of the cranium weak. A forceful blow will cave in the cranium causing death. The temporal artery supplying blood to the brain is located in this area. Damage to this artery can lead to sudden blindness and death. The hammer fist is delivered to the temple in the following manor. Assuming you are right handed and wanting to strike with your strongest hand. Stand facing your opponent. Step back with your left foot, resulting with your body at a 90-degree angle to your opponent’s. Bring your right fist across your chest palm facing toward the chest, near to your left shoulder. Simultaneously twist your body and fist as to meat your opponent’s temple with momentum and force. Keep your elbow bent slightly. Don’t let your arm extend fully; this could hurt your elbow.

The temple strike can also be delivered with a judo chop.

Extended fist:

Curling up the front two joints of the fingers forms the extended fist. The striking area is the middle knuckles not the knuckles of the hand. The trachea is the windpipe located in the center of the throat. The trachea can be collapsed completely by an extended fist blow delivered as a punch to the throat. This is a fatal blow. Strangulation will occur.

Edge of palm:

This is known as a judo chop or swordhand blow. A judo chop to the back of the neck can fracture and dislocate the vertebrae in the neck and cause damage to the spinal cord causing paralysis or death.

Double boot kick:

This kick is preformed on a prone opponent lying on his face. Take a running jump at the opponent, attempting to land both heels on the opponent’s spine. Draw your knees up and before you land drive your heels down on the back of the opponent. The combination of your weight plus the double kick will create several hundreds of pounds of pressure on the spine of the opponent. This will break the spine sever the spinal cord and damage internal organs.

The old Roman warriors often said to one another, “Illegitrinus mon carborundrum” which means, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” If you can strike them down with one lethal blow than they won’t grind you down.
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Single Strike Deathblows
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