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 china AEG without melemine!

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PostSubject: china AEG without melemine!   china AEG without melemine! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 10:15 am

Things you should know about China LPEGs:

CYMA - Earlier models include the CM027 MP5J and CM028S AK47. Their release for 2006 includes the CM031 which is externally a CA SLR-105 clone but internally similar to its version of the AK47 with a different hop up chamber and inner barrel. They also recently released a TM clone G18c AEP, however their products lack the quality and precision of higher end brands. They also manufacture LPEGs, which are quite popular among beginners.
JIEKE/WELL - The Chinese company that revolutionized the MPEG market with the release of their R5 MP5 and R6 M4A1 in mid 2005. Its gearbox and motor proved to be surprisingly durable although both guns suffer from air compression problems. They later released the R7 or M4A1 with full stock and R8 G3SAS which surprised many with its robustness and accuracy. WELL is the first company to release the TM clone of MP7 or R-4.
Double Eagle (DE) - The company that revolutionized LPEGs with its famous M83. Double Eagle has been proven to make exact copies of Tokyo Marui's weapons with small upgrades, which results in greater durability and utility. Their version of the AK47 and Spetsnaz were met with lukewarm enthusiasm as most other Chinese companies, many unknown, were able to come up with better performing aegs. Their M50 springer rifle was quite popular and easily "upgradeable" to 400fps by simply wrapping the inner barrel and hop up chamber area with teflon tape to seal air leaks. In early 2007, Double Eagle released a version of M4 S-System (the M88) and G&G-based UMP (the M89).
Both Elephant (BE) - Not a very good company, weak guns don't manage in hard use and break easily. Manufactures copies of the MP7, G3SG1, G36K, and the SL8 sniper rifle. Most of their AEGs are offered with either a plastic or metal gearbox, the latter being more reliable. However, even the metal gearbox versions are inferior in quality to similar models produced by Jin Gong (JG). They are often light weight and lack the same quality of finish and trademarks.
Jin Gong (JG, also known as Golden Bow) - JG's first normal-power AEG release was the first series of M5 - MP5 replicas (MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5-SD5, MP5SD6) based on plastic bodies of their earlier LPEGs, fitted with a modified V2 gearbox and non-standard hop up system. Those replicas, prone to breaking and having poor performance, were soon discontinued. The next series of JG AEGs, the AK47 series – built around a copy of Tokyo Marui V3 gearbox and AK47 hop up system – proved more successful. Aside from standard AK47 and AK47S, the series included a copy of TM Beta Spetsnaz AK, a folding stock variation of the Beta Spetsnaz and a copy of Guarder "AK-to-SVD" kit (able to achieve velocity in 380-400 fps range after replacing poor quality cylinder and barrel).
In late 2006, Jin Gong introduced its M16 line (consisting of M4A1, M16A2, M16A4, M4 S-System), the second, revised series of MP5s, Steyr AUG A2 and a G36C, all capable of BB velocity of 350 fps and more. Jin Gong are often referred to as "Tokyo Marui of Chinese AEGs" due to high quality of their products. Their latest release of M4s: M16A4 (Referred as SPR), M4 S-System, CQB and SR-16 have achieved high velocities, confirmed to be about 400 fps with 0.2g BB(1.49J) out of the box.

A&K - Its M4 S-System with metal RIS (rail interface) has become a big winner in a market saturated with M4A1s. The S-System was followed by other rifles from the M16 family: M16A4, M4, M933 and M4 CQB and a M249 clone was announced to for release in July 2007.
Kart/New Star - this company, commonly linked to A&K, has d├ębuted with releasing a M14 copy soon after the Tokyo Marui model appeared. Other models include M1A SOCOM rifle, M40 and Steyr AUG (although the last one was discontinued due to poor build).
AGM - a latecomer that surprised the market with its surprising accurate and powerful springer rifle, the MP001 aka VSR (since it is a visual replica of the TM VSR10). While its MP004/s AK 47 version did not gain popularity mainly due to the headstart gained by CYMA and the AGM offering nothing new, its MP007 (MP40) was an instant hit as an alternative to expensive and fault-prone TOP MP40 and MP008 (M14) surprised the market with its use of the version 3 spring guide and stock gears.
BOYI/DBOYS' - Known for their M4s. The M4 CASV is one of their greatest hits
ARMY - Little known manufacturer only known for product is a full stock AEG version of the AK-47 and an L85 AEG.
JLS - producer of the airsoft SCAR and two full metal HK33 variants and a FN F2000.
Note: There have been inaccurate claims that CYMA, Double Eagle, and/or WELL are the same company. They are in fact separate companies although closely related, possibly with family connections between some co-owners. What is sure is that they have close business ties and sometimes coordinate their product development efforts. Also important to note is the prolific pirating of Chinese products within China. Many smaller factories duplicate the larger factory's product in exact detail, copying even the factory marks (WELL for example). Consumers and retailers must be aware that purchasing factory-direct (non-branded) product does not mean that the product is legitimately from that factory.

_BATUSAI d' ersopter_
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china AEG without melemine!
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