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 A Guide to Conduct on the Pistol Range

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Male Number of posts : 229
Age : 37
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: A Guide to Conduct on the Pistol Range   Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:56 pm

1. Immediately on entering the Range:

(a) Every Member shall sign the Attendance Book.
(b) Every Visitor whether competitor or spectator shall sign his name and address (or Club) in the Visitors' Book.

2. Every person entering the Range, whether Member or Visitor, places himself under full control of the Range Officer or his assistants, and must at all times comply with their lawful directions and instruction, and these Rules for Safety and Conduct.

3. Refusal to Obey: No person shall refuse to obey the instruction of the Range Officer or any other Official in the proper conduct of the affairs of the office.

4. No person shall enter or leave the Range with a loaded pistol.

5. Loaded Pistols: No pistol will be loaded until the Competitor is in his place at the shooting line and the command "LOAD" has been given by the Range Officer. At all times, while loaded, the pistol shall point in the direction of the Target or Impact Area.

6. Unloaded Pistol: When not at the shooting line, pistol shall be unloaded at all times. Cylinders will be open, or slides back and magazines out, unless the pistol is cased.

7. Removal of Pistols: No pistol shall be removed from the shooting line until it and magazines have been checked as CLEAR by the Range Officer.

8. No person shall touch the pistol of another person without the Owner's permission, In the case of club pistols, permission must be obtained from the Range Officer.

9. Firing Point Commands:

"LOAD" means to insert the loaded magazine or to load the revolver cylinder.

"ARE YOU READY' is a preparatory command. It means to announce immediately if you are not ready to fire.

"START" means to start firing without delay, as timing of the series commences with this command. 'START' may be signalled verbally, by a short whistle blast or by some other signalling devise.

"STOP" means to STOP SHOOTING IMMEDIATELY, and to open the action of the pistol. Failure to obey immediately the command "STOP" is one of the worst infractions of Range discipline as it could result in the injury of some person who has wandered into the line of fire.

On this command all pistols shall be unloaded and placed on the shooting stand until the next command by the Range Officer.

10. No person on the shooting line shall touch a pistol whilst any other person is forward of the shooting line.

11. Discipline: The Safety of Competitors, Range Personnel and Spectators requires continual attention by all to the careful handling of pistols, and caution in moving about the Range. Self-discipline is necessary on the part of all Competitors, Range Personnel and Spectators. Where such self-control is lacking it is the duty of the Range Personnel to enforce it, and the duty of Competitors to assist in such enforcement.

12. Spotting Scopes: The use of a telescope by the Competitor is permitted in most events for the spotting of shots. No part of the telescope or stand may touch any part of the shooter's clothing or person.

13. Shooting Kits: Shooting Kits may be taken to the shooting line when they are of such size and construction that they will not interfere with competitors at the adjacent firing positions.

14. Firing Positions: Competitors shall take their positions as indicated by the Range Officer. No portion of the shooter's body may rest upon or touch the ground in advance of the shooting line.

15. Interference: The shooting line will be kept clear at all times, except of Competitors actually firing, and such Range Personnel as may be necessary. Any person, Competitor or otherwise, who interferes with or annoys any Competitor in any way, shall be warned to desist, and upon failure to comply shall be ordered off the Range.

16. Policing the Range: It is the duty of the Competitors to clean up the shooting line at the completion of the Match. The Range Officer will supervise.

17. Competitors will Score: Competitors will act as Scorers, Register Keepers and Patchers when requested to do so by the Range Officer.

18. Officials: The shooting line is under the control of the Range Officer and such assistants as may be required. The Range Officer is responsible for the Safety and Discipline of the Range Personnel, Competitors and Spectators. It is his duty to be completely familiar with the program and all applicable Competition Rules. He will comply to the best of his ability with all instructions issued by the Captain, and will render all possible co- operation to the other Officials. He must be constantly alert, impartial in his handling of Competitors, and courteous but firm.

19. Intoxicating Liquor:

(a) No liquor shall he permitted at the shooting line or within the range at any time.
(b) Shooters may consume intoxicating liquor in Club Rooms only after they have finished shooting for the day and after they have deposited their pistols and ammunition in their cars.
(c) No shooter having consumed intoxicating liquor shall return to the firing line.
(d) The term shooter used (a), (h) and (c) above includes Range Officers, Scorers, Register Keepers and Patchers or any other Club Official on duty.
(e) No person shall be admitted to the Range of the Club whilst apparently under the influence of intoxicating liquor.
(f) Any person found apparently under the influence of intoxicating liquor on the Range shall be REMOVED FORTHWITH and if such a person is a member of the Club, shall be liable to Expulsion.
(g) Any person violating sub-paragraph (a), (h) and (c) if a Member of the Club, shall be liable to Expulsion, or if a Visitor from another Club shall be reported in writing to his own Club. If a Competition is in progress, the offender will in addition be Disqualified from the Competition.

Mobile #: 0918-9211098
YM: donWACKER_ph
Email: donWACKER@gmail.com
Webpage: http://donWACKER.multiply.com
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Male Number of posts : 229
Age : 37
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: Re: A Guide to Conduct on the Pistol Range   Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:56 pm


1. Carrying of Pistol: Any person holding a Target Pistol Licence may carry such pistol only when travelling to and from:

(a) An Approved Pistol Range
(b) A Pistol Dealer
(c) A Police Station

2. Notification to Club Secretary: The Club Secretary must be notified within seven (7) days of:

(a) Change of Name, Address or Occupation
(b) Sale, Purchase or Transfer of any Target Pistol, giving details of current Target Pistol License Number.

3. Pistols may only be loaned to another Pistol Club Member and then only for use on an Approved Pistol Range.

4. License: The appropriate License must be carried at all times when carrying the Pistol.

5. Storage and Carriage: Pistols must be carried unloaded, and must be stored in a secure manner in a Safe or Security Cabinet of a type approved by the Commissioner of Police, to guard against loss or theft.

6. Attendance. Members must attend Club Shoots regularly, preferably a minimum of twelve (12) times per year, once per month. Attendance is confirmed by the signing of the Attendance Book and the recording of a Full Score with the Club Scorer.

Mobile #: 0918-9211098
YM: donWACKER_ph
Email: donWACKER@gmail.com
Webpage: http://donWACKER.multiply.com
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A Guide to Conduct on the Pistol Range
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